We have 4 rooms which the children are based in which have been designed to a high standard. Once you enter the Nursery, there are low level gates between each room and windows to each room to give the feeling of a more open space. This also ensures all staff can see into each other’s rooms for the extra protection of the child’s safety.

Jelly Bellies

This room is the base room of our tiny babies who are not walking. The specially baby trained staff care for the babies throughout the day in the room specially equipped for up to only six crawlers, bottom shufflers or rollers or however your little ones decide to get around. We also have a separate, but fully visible bedroom off of the room with 6 cots for us to be able to cater for any routine any time of the day.


Jelly Babies

This cosy room is for up to eight babies, which is equipped for our toddlers who are confident walkers. This room is for children up to the age of 2. They also share the bedroom with the Jelly Bellies room. The specially baby trained staff work closely with the children to ensure they are prepared to move to the next room up when they turn 2.


Jelly Tots

The Jelly Tots room is a large room which can hold sixteen children between the age of 2 and 3. The children have a large area to play and develop with an extensive range of activities to meet the individual child’s needs including the early stages of independence. The children often go to a local supermarket to help buy their snack and get out on a daily basis to explore the surrounding environment or they have a trip to the local park.

Jelly Beans

The Jelly beans is our Pres-school room. This room is for our 3 to 5 year olds and the room is a very large room which can hold up to 26 children. The activities are centred around preparing the children for school and promoting independence such as toileting and dressing themselves, but we also have 4 helpers of the day who help prepare snack, wash up and buy their snacks from the nearby shops. The activities provided are centred around the individual needs of the child and the activities cover all 7 areas of the curriculum. There is also a beautiful sensory room within the Jelly Beans room which the children have daily access to.